Itinerary Maroko & Euro Trip

eiffel tower

30 Oct: flight Jakarta-Doha
31 Oct: flight Doha-Casablanca. Arrived at 9am, city tour and 7pm go to Marrakech by train
1 Nov: whole day in Marrakech. supposed to leave at 11pm but the bus ticket is sold out so we stay at train station until dusk.
2 Nov: 4am by train to Fez and reach at 2pm. arrange a bus ticket to Chefchaouen then go to Fez’s madina
3 Nov: 8am bus from Fez to Chefchaouen. Half day in Chefchaouen.
4 Nov: Chefchaouen all day.
5 Nov: 8am to Tangier by bus, at 6pm using ferry we cross the Gibraltar strait to Algeciras, Spain.
6 Nov: move from Algeciras to Granada & reach Granada around 10am. Do an e-bike tour.
7 Nov: tour to Alhambra and at 7pm by bus to Cordoba.
8 Nov: a whole day in Cordoba
9 Nov: left from Cordoba to Seville and do seville’s city tour for half-day. Move to Lisbon, Portugal by night bus.
10 Nov: reach Lisbon at 6am, do the laundry things and by bus go to Obidos.
11 Nov: 3/4 day doing a city tour in Lisboa and 8pm flight to Barcelona, Spain.
12 Nov: whole day in Barcelona
13 Nov: whole day in Barcelona
14 Nov: 9.40 am flight from Barcelona to Paris. Do a city tour in Paris for 1/2 day.
15 Nov: 3/4 day for city tour around Paris (eiffel, louvre, lafayette), at 6pm by bus to Brugge
16 Nov: 3/4 day in Brugge, do the city tour and some shopping. At 7pm by train to Antwerp
17 Nov: Antwerp, re-arrange the itinerary and at night go to Brussels.
18 Nov: morning flight to Budapest. Half day seightseeing in Pest area
19 Nov: whole day in Budapest
20 Nov: at noon go to Bratislava by bus
21 Nov: 3/4 day at Bratislava and move to Prague at 5pm by bus
22 Nov: whole day in Prague
23 Nov: whole day in Prague
24 Nov: in the morning go to Vienna by bus. Reach Vienna at 10am and do the city tour.
25 Nov: (almost) whole day in Vienna: summer palace, shopping, old town. Night train to Venice
26 Nov: a day in Venice, at 8pm by train to Florence
27 Nov: whole day in Florence
28 Nov: at 1pm move to Cinque Terre by train
29 Nov: a whole day in Cinque Terre: do the 5 villages by train.
30 Nov: 9am take a train to Pisa. Only go to leaning tower and killing the time by walking in the river area. 3.45pm train to Rome
1 Dec: Rome. Vatican city and city tour
2 Dec: Rome. Day trip to Pompeii
3 Dec: Rome. Sistine Chapel in Vatican City & Colloseum. 9.30pm flight back to Doha
4 Dec: flight Doha-Jakarta

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  1. Just realize why you’ve got so many destinations. It was 36days trip!..What a nice dreams come true :) I only got 14days for my first Euro trip and it is mean I must come back to Europe again. Dreaming of Marocco and Spain too! And I got invitation to Hungary from friend that will have work assignment there :)

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a dream come true!

a dream come true!

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